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How to Add Grammarly to Word with Simple Steps [Complete Guide]

Grammarly is a writing tool which uses artificial intelligence and language processing tools to correct and modify any content. Grammarly offers features like grammar checking, spell checks, punctuation checks and also detects plagiarism with the help of its machine learning algorithms. Add grammarly to word improves the overall writing experience. It also provides the user suggestions on their writing clarity, vocabulary modifications, narrative, voice, and tone modifications. 

Grammarly’s software was released in 2009 in July, and its headquarters are located in San Francisco. 


Grammarly is an online-based grammar checking tool, but now it is released as an app as well. It is available through a web browser using extensions for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Edge and other such browsers. The primary use of Grammarly is to rectify any mistakes you have made in a piece of content you have written. It not only checks your grammar but also gives you a reason for correcting that particular usage of the word.

Grammarly can also be added to Microsoft Word on your desktop. By doing this, Grammarly will automatically check whatever you will be writing in MS Word. Add Grammarly to Word is very easy, and to do so, one should follow:

Step by Step Guide to Add Grammarly to Word

  • Check whether your computer’s operating system is compatible with Grammarly or not. Grammarly supports operating systems such as Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, etc. 
  • Open any web browser from your computer. Open the official page of Grammarly
  • On this page scroll down to the bottom of the page and browse through different columns.
  • Under the heading named Products to find Grammarly for MS Office and click on it. 
  • After clicking this, a web page will open with a red block in the center of the page reading Free Download. Click on this red block. 
Official Page
Official Page
  • Before your file downloads, create a Grammarly account. Enter your name, e-mail address, and type in a password to create a new account and then hit sign up. If you already have a Grammarly account simply login to it by giving your required credentials.
  • After creating or logging in to your account, start your installation by downloading the installer. This should automatically start downloading after logging in, if not then click on Download Grammarly for MS Office and then click to Save File.
  • Go to the Downloads section of your computer. Here you will find the Grammarly installer. 
  • Click on the box which says Grammarly Addin Setup.After clicking this, a security warning will pop up.
  •  On that box, click on RunThis will open the Grammarly installation wizard, and it will start installing. 

Further Steps

  • After the installation process is complete, click on Get Started. This will open a list of Grammarly products for all Microsoft Office applications.
  • Select Grammarly for Word from a list of other options that you can add Grammarly to other MS Office apps.
  • Click on Install to install the Grammarly add-in extension to Microsoft Word.
  • After the installation, a congratulations dialog box will open, at the bottom of that box find and click on Finish. Open MS Word on your computer.
  • To set up Grammarly for MS Word, click on Enable Grammarlypresent on the top right side of the Word page. After setting up Grammarly for your MS Word, you can start using it to correct your grammatical errors and spellings.

The above points give you a clear idea on how to install or add Grammarly to Word and use it to get an explicit and well-structured content. 

You can change and manage your Grammarly settings through MS Word itself once Grammarly has been added to it. 

  • Go to Grammarly Settings from your MS word. 
  • Then click to view your Grammarly account information. 
  • You can change your dictionary settings as well as your profile settings from here. 
  • Enable Grammarly to check every new document file automatically you create on your PC’s MS Word.
  • You can also configure proxy settings for your Grammarly.
  • Check for any updates on the Grammarly add-ins. 


In the end, the question that arises is why add Grammarly to Word?

Many people agree to the fact that MS Word is one of the easiest and simplest writing tools to use for any writing be it e-mails, notices, letters, articles, essays, etc. but Word lacks a lot of features such as advanced grammar corrections, automatic spell checks, vocabulary options, narrative changes, and many such things. Add Grammarly to word, on the other hand, checks your content thoroughly to give you an errorless content. It consists of features like punctuation corrections, voice changes, dialect options, and many more advanced modification options.

Grammarly is a free writing tool, but a premium version can be purchased, which provides more opportunities to improve your writing skills. You can use the premium version of Grammarly to check for plagiarism and check whether your content matches any other content or not. You will be given a vocabulary enhancement feature which allows you to point out portions of your content which is unclear or can be replaced with a better set of words.

In the end, We can conclude that add Grammarly to word will enhance and improve your writing skills and will give you a better start towards writing unique content.

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