Allocate More Ram to Minecraft

How to Allocate More Ram to Minecraft {Latest}

Minecraft is one of the most hit games of all time. Many YouTubers create content on Minecraft like Pewdiepie, BeastShubh, and many others. It was built by Mojang and is a sandbox construction game. You can create unique structures, buildings, and many other things based on your creativity. It first was on sale in 2009 and since then has been widely loved by the audience. You can play it on a Windows PC, on a MacBook and any android and iOS run device.Today, we will tell you how to allocate more Ram to Minecraft in just a few simple steps. 


Many players generally report of the game lagging and not running correctly even though they have a high-spec PC. This is because, Minecraft, by default allocates only 1 GB of Ram. Earlier, changing the default settings of the game was complicated and created problems. Post the Version 2.0.0 update; anyone can make small tweaks in the game and make changes to Ram allocated to it. 

How much Ram to allocate to Minecraft?

If your PC has only 4 GB Ram, you cannot just allocate all 4 GB to the Minecraft game. You have to understand that several other essential apps running in the background also require memory. Thus, the recommended amount of Ram you should allocate towards the Minecraft App is 1/4th of the total Ram of your PC. If your PC has 8 GB Ram, allocate 2 GB for Minecraft. If you have 16 GB Ram in your PC, allocate 4 GB Ram towards Minecraft. 

Update your OS

Before knowing how to allocate more Ram to Minecraft, you should update your PC to the latest version of Java so that it is up-to-date and ready for Ram allocation. Go to the java website and update.

If you have a Windows PC, make sure to update it.

Method 1 When you have Minecraft Launcher in your PC

People who have the Minecraft launcher installed in their PC should use this method to allocate more Ram to Minecraft. Follow the below steps: 

· The first step involves knowing how much Ram is there in your PC. (If you already know that skip this step)Follow these steps: Start->Settings->System->about. Check for Ram under the ‘Installed Ram’ Section. If you have a Macbook, open the Apple menu and click on about this Mac. This is important, as you should not allocate more than 1/4th or a quarter of your Ram to Minecraft.

  • Double click on the Minecraft icon and click the launch option on the top-right window. Make sure you have the latest version for Minecraft on your PC.
  • Make sure the advanced settings option is on by checking the green light. If it is not green, click it once.
  • Choose the profile in which you want to make changes. If you have just one profile select it.
  • Now turn on the JVM arguments switch. You will find the on the left side of ‘JVM Arguments.’
  • A tab will open with a line of text fields. Find the text section: Xmx1G. Now change the ‘1G’ to allocate more Ram to Minecraft. You can change it to even 4 GB if your computer has 16 GB Ram. However, make sure whatever Ram you allocate should not be more than 1/4th of your PC’s Ram.
  • Make sure to save your settings by clicking at the save option located at the bottom.

Method 2: When Minecraft Game is hosted on a Server

When the Account Minecraft game is hosted on a server, you cannot make changes in your launcher to allocate more Ram to Minecraft. When the game is hosted on a server, here’s how you can allocate more Ram to Minecraft:

  • First, open the Minecraft server directory containing Minecraft_server.exe file. If you are unable to locate the file, search for Minecraft server in your PC.
  • Click on: home-> new item->Text document in your PC. This will enable you to create a new Text Document file to allocate more Ram to Minecraft.
  • In a new text document, paste the following:

If in a Windows:

Java -Xmx####M –Xms####M –exe

  Minecraft_Server.exe –o true


Replace the #### with the amount of Ram you want to allocate to your Windows PC.

If in a Mac book:


Cd “$( dirname “$0” )”

Java –Xms####M –Xmx####M –exe

Minecraft_Server.exe -o true

Remember to replace #### with the amount of Ram you wish to allocate. 

If in Linux OS:


BINDIR=$(dirname “$(readlink –fn “$0”)”)


Java –Cms####M –Xmx####M –exe

Minecraft_Server.exe –o true

Again, do remember to change #### to the amount of Ram, you wish to allocate. 

  • The final step to allocate more Ram to Minecraft is to save your file by going to File-> Save as and change save as type to all files. Name the file server and change extension from .txt to .bat in windows. If you are running Linux OS, you have to save the file as “.sh” and if you are running OS X, save the file as “.command” file.
  • Now play Minecraft with more Ram and enjoy a great gaming experience.


Well, these were the following steps you have to perform if you want to allocate more Ram to Minecraft. With the steps as mentioned earlier, you could easily play the Minecraft game in your PC at 50-60 FPS (Frames per second). Although, if you continue to face frame drops and laggy experience, then you should consider reviewing the specs of your device. Ram is not the only thing that figures how the game will run on your PC. In addition to Ram, you should also have a powerful CPU and a graphics card to go with it. Well, we hope you liked the post.

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