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5 Best Ways to Get A Free Netflix Account

“You can’t always get what you want!!” This is what we grew up listening to. Well, times have changed and how they have. Thanks to some people who were listening to our silent wishes and gave us Netflix!! Netflix in an on-demand video service provider which can be used to access OTT media on a television or on a computer or on your smartphone. It is available almost worldwide except in China, due to local restrictions, and in Syria, Iran, North Korea, Crimea, etc. Netflix also has offices in countries like Brazil, India, the Netherlands, etc. Let’s learn how you can get a Free Netflix Account.

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What is Netflix?

NETFLIX is an American media-services company which provides subscription-based OTT online streaming services of a world of films and TV programs, including those produced by Netflix itself. It is active both as a producer and as a distributor for both movies and television series.


Netflix Accounts – Mobile, Basic, Standard, and Premium

Netflix, we all know, provides a paid service to the users. The users are required to create an account on Netflix to avail of its services, even if we intend to use it only for the first trial month (which is free). The types of accounts which a user can create on Netflix are – Mobile, Basic, Standard, and Premium.

Features of a Netflix Mobile, Basic, Standard and Premium Account

Netflix Mobile

This plan seems to have been brought out for those who prefer to catch up on Netflix content on their mobile and tablet devices (not on your computer or your TV) for a weekly subscription of Rs. 65 or a monthly one of Rs. 250. It isn’t available in HD or Ultra HD, though, and limited to viewing on only one screen. More comfortable for you if it’s a Free Netflix Account, right?

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Netflix Basic

This plan, for a weekly fee of Rs. 125 or a monthly one of Rs. 500, allows the user to catch up online content on all their devices, namely, mobile phone, tablet, laptops, and televisions. Again, it isn’t available in HD or Ultra HD, though, and limited to viewing on only one screen.

Netflix Trial
Netflix Trial

Netflix Standard – The users, upon subscribing to this plan for a weekly payment of Rs. 165 or a monthly one of Rs. 650, the liberty to view all the online Netflix content in HD and on all the devices like smartphones, tablets, computers, and television. It isn’t available in Ultra HD. However, the user is free to view this channel on two screens simultaneously.

Netflix Premium

The users will have to pay Rs. 200 weekly or Rs. 800 monthly to be able to use this account. The user is promised Netflix content in Ultra HD on all the devices and can simultaneously access Netflix on four screens.

Netflix Premium
Netflix Premium

Netflix offers an extensive collection of films and TV programmes. Also, whether or not you plan to continue accessing Netflix, you will have Free Netflix Account for the first month and are free to cancel your membership at any time in your life.

How to Get A Free Netflix Account Now

Method 1: Free Trial Method

Go to Netflix and follow the instructions as follow:

  1. Click on the red button “Watch free for 30 Days” on the homepage itself.
  2. Click on “See The Plans”.
  3. Of the four plans – Mobile, Basic, Standard, and Premium, choose that which fits your requirements and click on “Continue”.
  4. Before taking you to the payment page, it will ask for your email and password, if you haven’t logged in already. Enter your email ID and password.
  5. If you aren’t a member yet, it will send you a confirmation mail.
  6. Go to your inbox, click on the link for confirmation and come back here to continue to the payment page.
  7. Make the payment as per your plan, and you’re ready to use Free Netflix Account!

Remember, if you don’t want to start the paid plans, you need to cancel your subscription within a month (30 days), else you would be charged.

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Method 2: Using The Other Screen on Standard and Premium

There is no trick to using this one. In all the plans, where there is more than one screen that you can access Free Netflix Account on through the same account, the other screen is for free. If the primary subscriber is fine with it, then the other screen may be used for no fee at all (wink, wink)!!

Method 3: “EDIT THIS COOKIE” Method

  • Add the extension “EDITTHISCOOKIE” from the Chrome Web Store to your own Chrome
  • Sign in to your Netflix account and click on the EDITTHISCOOKIE extension. Logging in is necessary for this method to work
  • Click on “Import”
  • Click on the tick button
  • You are now ready to use Free Netflix Account after refreshing the Netflix account page

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Method 4: Same Google pay Account Method

If someone you know has created a paid account on Netflix, then using their card details along with your email ID and password won’t work. Netflix doesn’t allow that. However, so far, that restriction hasn’t been applied to Google Pay yet.

For example, you use your email ID and password and create an account using your Google Pay account. Within 30 days, make sure you have canceled your subscription and have gotten out of paying for the next month. Now, wait for three days and then create a new account using a different email ID and password, but the same Google Pay details as before.

Method 5: Netflix Account Generator

There are quite a few websites available when we search for “Netflix Account Generators” on Google. So, open any one of those. Generate a new account login and password. Once you’re done with captcha, the starred (*****) characters reveal themselves. Use this login to create your own on Netflix account.

However, be willing to try out quite a few accounts of these listed above before you succeed.


True, that Netflix has increased its subscription charges. Also, true, that it keeps upgrading itself to the latest rules of the game and the newest user behaviors. But there is always a way out. So as long as Netflix doesn’t stumble onto these, go ahead and Netflix to heart’s content!!!

Now with the Free Netflix Account, Keep binging!!

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