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How to Cancel or Delete Chegg Subscription | Easy steps Explained

Chegg Inc. is a technological e-learning company which is based in Santa Clara, California. The Chegg company was created by three students from Iowa State University in 2001. This provides services to students such as online tutoring, helping with homework, scholarship searches, prepares students for tests, matches internship profiles, and also gives you advice on college applications. It has both options for physically and digitally renting books.


The company’s primary audience is targeted towards students from America who either in high school or colleges. It also has an arrangement with programs such as the American Forest’s Global Releaf, which means for every book rented the company plants a tree on their behalf. How you can cancel your Chegg account and everything you need to know.

Some plans offered by Chegg include:

  • Chegg gives you the first 30 minutes of free tutor videos on subscription.
  • Its weekly plans include 30 minutes for $15 per week.
  • Its monthly plans include 60 minutes for $30 a month.
  • You can also Pay As You Go and you will be charged 75 cents per minute with this plan.
  • You can chat with the Chegg tutor for free. 
  • Your weekly or monthly time will be used only when you open the lesson space. 
  • You can choose between your plans and change them after subscription.

Due to the full range of services Chegg provides and the constant subscription updates it sends to its users, people are on the edge of deleting their accounts. Therefore a stepwise guide, below on how you can cancel your Chegg subscription and also delete it.

How you can cancel Chegg Subscription:

Chegg offers its users the option of pausing their subscription. On doing this, users can pause their subscription and are hence relieved of their payment dues. Users can cancel their subscription as well as cancel their membership. The following list tells you how to carry on the process.

  • Canceling your Chegg Subscription, If you are subscribed to, sign in to your Chegg account with your required credentials. 
  • Go to My Account from your computer.
  • Go to Orders.
  • Under Orders, find Subscriptions.
  • Under this column scroll down to Chegg Studyand click on the Cancel Subscription option.
  • Another screen will open, andask you why you want to cancel your subscription. Choose from the options given and confirm your choice. 
  • Once your subscription cancellation is confirm you will not be getting any charges for anything in the future. But you will be able to access your account till the time you have subscribed for. 

Canceling Chegg membership

  • To cancel your Chegg membership sign in to your Chegg Tutors account.
  • Click on the orange box present on the top right side of your web page. Go to My Account.
  • Click on Change/Cancel membership option.
  • Click on the Pay As You Goplan and select to Save Changes.
  • You will be asked on why you are canceling your account, after confirming that click on Submit.
  • Your membership is now cancel. 

 How to Delete Chegg Account:

Apart from canceling your subscription and membership, you can delete your Chegg account entirely if you no longer need its assistance. There are two ways:

Chegg Login
Chegg Login

Delete Chegg account over Live Chat

  1. You can go on the Chegg Support page to start a live chat and delete your account through that.
  2. Go to My Account.
  3. Select the Chat option.
  4. A chat box will open, there send the request I want to cancel my Chegg Account.
  5. An associate from the Chegg customer services will ask you the reason behind your deletion decision.
  6. Once confirming your reason and then your account will be terminated. 

Delete Chegg Account over the phone

  • Deleting your Chegg account over the phone is as easy as calling someone.
  • Call Chegg customer services- 1-844-244-5949.
  • Talk to the Chegg associate and give them a valid reason for your termination decision.
  • Confirm your deletion and your account will end. 

Delete Chegg Account over e-mail

  • You can delete your Chegg account by sending an e-mail to the Chegg customer care services.
  • Just e-mail your cancelation request to and write the subject as Request to delete my Chegg account.
  • After sending this email regarding your deletion, your account will be terminated in a few days. 

The above-mentioned points give you a clear step-wise guide on how to cancel or delete your Chegg account if you longer require its services.


Chegg was created to ease the learning process for high school students and college students worldwide by giving them access to tutors and study materials with just a subscription. But this technology has its drawbacks, though its motive was to expand the learning process many students have been caught misusing its facilities. Professors from Purdue University have accused and criticized Chegg for helping students cheat on their homework.

Students using Chegg have shown a lack of uniqueness and critical thinking required to complete any assessment. Chegg has made it so easy for the students to get answers to question without them even needing to understand some topics due to these issues Ciltron Research has published a report against Chegg in July 2019, claiming that Chegg has created some forum in attempt to evade Turnitin, and is trying to prove that Chegg is helping students and its users to carry forward institutionalized cheating.

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