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7 Ways to Get Uploaded Premium Account

Have you ever received any data from a business person? If you do so, then I hope that you have wondered how they have sent that much huge amount of data? Several companies and websites are endeavoring to provide a large amount of data in an effective manner so that the customers can download and even share their files with their colleagues. One such remarkable website is uploaded.net, which allows you to share and upload files, by creating account on Uploaded . Uploaded.net is a file sharing website where you can upload and download files shared by others and you. In order to access the features of uploaded.net, you have a trial version and the free account model. In today’s article, we are going to know about uploaded premium account, few methods through which you can get free Account, and some of its interesting features.

Introduction to Uploaded Premium Account

Uploaded  Account proposes you direct access to download files and shares them with your desired friends without any stress and in a secured way. With the help of a premium account, you can gain more advantages which help you to download and share files in a fast manner.

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You have to upload the files which you want to share with your friends in uploaded.net. You can stay in your account for a long period and access them at any time, anywhere and share with your colleagues, friends, and business person.

Your files will be uploaded in a very speedy manner. You can download as many files you want by just creating an Uploaded Account with the help of an internet connection. By procuring, any one of the membership plans you will get premium username and password which aids you to log in right at uploaded.net. Let us have a look at some of its methods through which we can get a free uploaded account.

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How To Get Free Uploaded Premium Account?

Many membership plans are available through which we can access uploaded account features by paying money. These plans depend on the duration and the cost.

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The plan is valid from 48 hours and extends up to two years of membership, to aid you all we are providing a few methods through which you can get a free uploaded  account.

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Method 1: Uploaded Premium Account Using Username And Password

You can easily access to the uploaded account by registering yourself at uploaded.net by paying money. You will be presented with a username and password by uploaded.net after the completion of the registration process. We are providing a list of usernames and passwords through which you can log in directly at uploaded.net.

  • Username/Email-ID : Password
  • Paulbecker3@yahoo.de : Doreen
  • Downloadjohny@gmail.com :bibor9873
  • tatianaazzarola@gmail.com : gdrehyfb
  • gfhyhruddhy@gmail.com : gdfgeesdre
  • larrp@msn.com : ChuchuRicky1
  • sponebobrocks123@gmail.com : sylvia2381
  • zamaniegotino@yahoo.com : bryan2004
  • Shannon.casey010@gmail.com : keegan33
  • layton1231@outlook.com : Fatman007
  • Refire6645@yahoo.com : 058989RF
  • Samwt@hotmail.com : Codebreaker45

Be the first to create a free account by just copying and pasting the username and password at the time of login. If you face any issues such as Account Banned, then go with the next usernames and passwords.

Method 2: Swagbucks

Swagbucks, a platform through which you can get a free uploaded account by following the below steps:

  • Open your web browser.
  • Visit the official website of Swagbucks.
  • Enter your mail id and password in the pop-up menu.
  • Click on Sign-Up. A verification link will be forwarded to your mail. Click on the link.
  • You will be addressed to a page which comprises of a set of tasks.
  • Select any one task and try to complete it. You will be instantly directed to Uploaded  Account after the completion of the task.
  •  You can repeat the above steps with multiple mail ids and passwords. So, go mad guys.


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Method 3: InboxDollars

Here are the steps you should follow to get a free account with InboxDollars!

  • Open your web browser.
  • Access the website. The screen will open as follows.
  • Create an account on this site by inserting your email id, username, and password to sign-up.
  • An activation link will be forwarded to your mail.
  • Now you have to recover your codes. To retrieve your code just check under the Redeem tab, and choose Game codes.
  • Select the suitable game code and start having fun.


Method 4: Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie, a stage where you can get free accounts by earning gifts, cash cards, and bonuses by completing the tasks. The steps to be followed are:-

  • Open your web browser.
  • Visit the official website of Survey Junkie.
  • Enter your mail id and password in the pop-up menu shown on the right side of the screen and click on Sign-Up.
  • A confirmation link will be in your mail.
  • Click on the link.
Survey Junkie
Survey Junkie
  • You will be instantly directed to free account after the successful completion of the task.
  • You can repeat the above steps with different mail ids and start enjoying the services now!


Method 5: Free Trial Method

This method allows you to access Free uploaded Premium Account without paying any money but with limited features. Follows the steps mention below:

  1. Open your web browser.
  2. Visit the official Uploaded site and click on Sign-In.
  3. Enter your Account Id and Password in the space provided to complete the registration process.
  4. Remember the password which you have set, so that you can log in without any issues.
  5. To confirm the e-mail address, click on the verification link.
  6. Later, you have to set your password.
  7. If you want to download any files, then paste the Magnet links or drag the file into the URL section.
  8. When the downloading process is complete, then you can share files with your friends.

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Method 6: Leech Method

This method allows you to get a free uploaded premium account by just clicking on the link.


  1. Open your web browser.
  2.  Access the link https://premium-uploaded.net/
  3. You can see an icon in which you have to enter your uploaded.net.
  4. Paste the link and click on Download.
  5. You can download files from this link generator now.

Method 7:Through Link Generators

You can also download and share your essential files by entering the URL and click on download. Some of the link generators are:

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  1. Free Debrid
  2. qfi.im
  3. Deepbrid
  4. Reevown
  5. CocoLeech
  6. Leech.Ninja
  7. Uploaded Premium Link.xyz
  8. premiumleechu.eu
  9. uploaded-premium-link-generator.com
  10. premium-uploaded.net

These are the few methods through which you can uploaded  account. Let us have a look at some of its exciting features.

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Features of Uploaded Premium Account

Below we are discussing some features of Uploaded Account:

  1. Unlimited Storage of files:There won’t be any limits in the data which you store on Uploaded. You can upload, store, and save as much information as many days you can wish.
  2. High Speed: No matter how much the file size is, you can download any large file without any restriction. If you are a free user, then you can download only one file at a time with restricted speed. At present, you can avail all features with premium versions.
  3. Advertisement-free:When you upgrade to a premium account, you can download/upload/share files with a click without any advertisements.
  4. Supportable To Mobile: You can access to upload premium account through your smartphone. You can download your files and carry them in your pocket in a handy way.
  5. Quick Assistance for any queries: You will receive customer support through which you can clear all your doubts with high speed.

If you download or upload files in bulk then you can earn money.

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I hope that you all get an idea of the methods to be describe above to get Uploaded Premium Account. Most of us may feel difficult to download large files at high speed. You can opt for uploaded.net and experience their remarkable features by creating Uploaded Premium Account, the best place to take the backup of your files.

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