Uploadgig Premium Account

8 Best Ways to Get A Free Uploadgig Premium Account

A free Uploadgig Premium Account. This account is for those who always have to have a file or two with them. It could be in relation to work or could be anything under the sun. An online cloud file sharing and storage system is the ideal way out for such kinds. Uploadgig is just the “gig” for you!!! It could be a balance sheet that you may need to update all through the day, or it could be a report that you’ve been meaning to read in its entirety during the lunch hour.

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It could be your own creation which you don’t want to delete under the circumstances. Storing the creation online in the cloud provides you the security. Uploadgig could be one of the many locations where you save a copy of the creation. It could also be the place to store a file that needs accessing by only a select few people. A free Uploadgig Premium account again could help you with that.

So let’s get to know more and more about dear Uploadgig.

Uploadgig Accounts – Free and Premium

Uploadgig offers its services in two packages or two forms – Uploadgig Free and Uploadgig Premium. So what’s the distinction among the two packages? Uploadgig Free, as the name hints, is free to use for the user. Uploadgig Premium is the higher end of the service, which offers higher download speeds, parallel downloads, and many more attractive features, as explained in detail below.

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How to Get A Free Uploadgig Premium Account

Method 1: Uploadgig Premium Login Usernames and Passwords List

  • Username : Password
  • x$CT&7ys : fa6rNtDg%Fi$
  • ka##$Psa : ^HCsuThTrVWv
  • ruv!wSUU : &M%BmaSnngzP
  • vGRq&Kxr : @WW9@r5r%Fxy
  • Y8qdM*rk : QgRGL2$zGa5!
  • !@UhUkPr : 4&o*bZZfwYR3

Method 2: Swagbucks

Swagbucks is another platform which provides Free Uploadgig Premium Login Account and gets rewarded with premium stuff such as gifts, cash cards, bonuses, and many more.

Just follow the below steps:

  1. Access the website.
  2. A pop-up menu will surface in which you have to enter your mail id and a password.
  3. You will get a confirmation mail just click on it and start enjoying.


Method 3: InboxDollars

InboxDollars, a platform through which we can free accounts of premium sites by completing the tasks. You can also get cash awards, gifts, and bouses via InboxDollars. The steps to be followed are as follows:

  • Open your web browser.
  • Access the website.
  • Enter your mail id and password in the pop-up menu situated on the right side of the screen.
  • Click on Sign-Up now.
  • A confirmation mail will be forwarded to your mail.
  • Open your mail and click on the link.
  • As soon as you complete the task, you will be spontaneously directed with the new account in your email.
  • You can repeat the above steps with numerous emails and passwords.


Method 4: Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie, a stage where you can get free accounts by earning gifts, cash cards, and bonuses by completing the tasks. The steps to be followed are:-

  • Open your web browser.
  • Visit the official website of Survey Junkie.
  • Enter your mail id and password in the pop-up menu shown on the right side of the screen and click on Sign-Up.
  • A confirmation link will be in your mail.
  • Click on the link.
Survey Junkie
Survey Junkie
  • You will be instantly directed to free account after the successful completion of the task.
  • You can repeat the above steps with different mail ids and start enjoying the services now!


Method 5: Uploadgig Free

Go to http://uploadgig.com/ and follow the procedure for creating a free account for yourself. Choose the option “Free” when asked for it and you’re now in registration as a member with a free Uploadgig account. If the limitations with respect to the storage days or download speeds or waiting time or advertisements are not matters of concern for you, then you should have no problem with a free Uploadgig Free account. However, if you’re one to prefer luxury, do read ahead!

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Method 6: Uploadgig Premium Account Generator

Go to http://prem.link/. You need to register on the website. In the blank white box, paste the link of your Uploadgig account. It follows by clicking on the “Generate Link” button.


The premium link is then shown to you, and you can paste this link on the Uploadgig page. You now have your own free Uploadgig premium account for yourself.

Method 7: Using Linkifier

Go to the link. It says on the page that you can download from Uploadgig as premium, without paying the “premium” charge for it.


You need to create an account on Linkifier, and it allows you to download files without waiting and at incredible speeds too!!

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Method 8: Uploadgig Premium Account using BugMeNot

Go to http://bugmenot.com/view/uploaded.net, and you will find yourself looking at a webpage hosting a list of usernames and passwords combination for creating a free Uploadgig Premium account. Each combination is carrying along with it a percentage value. This percentage value is a hint of how successful or how widely or how frequently that particular combination is being in use by users worldwide.


The pair of a red button and green button on the right registers the vote of the users using that combination. This is a very useful website if you want to create a free Premium account. A word of caution that you might have to try out a few combinations before arriving at the one that works well for you.

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Features of an Uploadgig Free and Uploadgig Premium Account

Uploadgig Free – This is the more basic plan which Uploadgig offers to its users. It provides free services of file sharing and downloading at slower speeds relative to those offers by Uploadgig Premium. A user also has to wait for 60 seconds before the button to download the file is active to be click-on. It also carries a lot of advertisements, which can really be a nuisance.


The upload of the file has a limit of 30 days from the date of the last download. That is, a file ceases to exist on Uploadgig Free account if it has download file since more than 30 days.

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Uploadgig Premium

The Premium version of Uploadgig has a lot more to offer to its user. To begin with, Uploadgig Premium allows higher download speeds along with parallel downloads. If you’re sold by this, there’s more to come. There’s NO waiting time before the download link appears and NO advertisements at all. Coming to the storage period, a file upload by a user having a Premium account is allowed 90 days after the date of the last download. Whoa!


Premium plan or the Premium package is offered as a 30-day plan or 90-day plan or 180-day plan or a 365-day plan. All of these plans give you all the features describes here, just for a different duration as per plans. Of course, all of these also cost you money! You’re probably itching to get started on creating a free Uploadgig Premium account for yourself, which takes us to the next section.

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Even though Uploadgig respects privacy and ensures utmost security for your file, do bear in mind that you’re not allowed to upload offensive material. Offensive material could include, definitely not limited to, sexual images, pornography and anything else which have reason to cause offense to the others. Those files run the risk of removal immediately from the discovery of storage.

Uploadgig also doesn’t allow a user to search among all the files uploaded on the website, nor does it allow them to browse through the files uploaded by others. Keeping these conditions in mind, Uploadgig proves to be an ideal solution for those on the move and wanting to carry their files, documents, and spreadsheets with them.

Use your free Uploadgig Premium account wisely!!!!

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